At the popular FAN VILLAGE, fans took photos in front of their country's GIANT JERSEY & used social media to spread the fun.

Florida Panthers Unveil New Jersey Design

The Panthers added a Slap Shot Game & showed off their new red and white 2016-17 jerseys.

Edmonton Oilers On The Ice

Two 36-feet tall Giant Jerseys are the centerpiece of the team's player introduction extravaganza

At Dodger Stadium for the NHL Stadium Series 2014

Ice hockey at Dodger Stadium? Why not! The Kings and Ducks Giant Jerseys -- separated by the stage -- attracted their fans for photos.

Philadelphia Flyers

This is the original Giant Jersey. Local retailer Modells displayed the World's Largest Flyers Jersey at its dozen stores during the Playoffs and 28,204 fans signed it. The Giant Jersey was then put on the statue of William Penn atop Philadelphia City Hall during the Cup Finals.

FYI NOTE: The 'dressing' of Billy Penn was a media sensation in Philly and picked up by the international press, including frontpage coverage in USA Today.

Winter Classic 2014

Giant Red Wings and Maple Leafs Jerseys showed up huge in front of the biggest hockey crowd (105,491) at the Big House in Ann Arbor, MI.

Avalanche on Ice

What a way to start the season! The fans went crazy when they unfurled this huge Giant Avs Jersey.

U.S. Olympic hockey

Bud Light, as a major sponsor of the U.S. Olympic hockey team, used a pair of Giant Jerseys at the front of its interactive ("Bubble Hockey") hospitality tent in Park City, UT.

Action Sports positioned the two Giant Jerseys so it created a backdrop for the Weather Channel, who broadcast four times daily from the site... giving A-B added bonus media exposure.

FYI NOTE: One week prior to the Olympics, Action Sports was informed it could not use an inflatable in Park City. A quick Plan B called for a wood frame construction which was installed overnight, just prior to the Opening Ceremony.

NHL Winter Classic 2008

Used at the very first NHL Winter Classic, January 1, 2008 in Buffalo

Colorado Avalanche

The Avalanche opened the 2009-10 season in a BIG way

NHL Winter Classic 2009

New Years Day 2009 at Wrigley Field


The Royals introduced a new coach, a pair of new jersey designs, and a relationship with a retailer. The Giant Jersey had a different jersey design on each side.


The World's Largest Jersey first appeared atop City Hall in Philly  (quick history lesson) During the Flyers Stanley Cup Playoff run it was seen & signed --- starting with the Mayor -- at many high-traffic, highly visible locations and many special events. The media was all over the concept -- including a 'Find The Giant Flyers Jersey' radio contest that awarded two coveted tickets to the winner.

NHL Winter Classic 2011

The World's Largest Jersey has travelled to every Winter Classic for the NHL. The week prior to the game and on January 1 the two Giant Jerseys were positioned behind the endzone at Heinz Field.

Washington Capitals at 2011 Winter Classic

The World's Largest Caps Jersey made an appearance at the 2011 NHL Winter Classic in Pittsburgh... and apparently a couple Penguins fans didn't like it.


The Wild wanted a mini- Giant Jersey, so we broke the mold and created a 10-footer they use for their media backdrop.

2010 WINTER CLASSIC -- Game Day

Prominently positioned in the NHL Winter Classic Spectator Plaza, the World's Largest Jersey made its third appearance at the special New Year's Day event.

These are exact replica throwback Bruins and Flyers jerseys.

Boston Bruins

Just prior to the puck drop before a Rangers Playoff game in 1997, the lights were dramatically dimmed at the Garden. In about 11 seconds the World's Largest Rangers jersey was carried on the ice while it was inflated and positioned at center-ice. With a single spotlight on the Giant Jersey, the sellout crowd stood and cheered  as the iconic Broadway Blue jersey spun for all to salute. On cue, the Giant Jersey was removed from the ice in less that 10 secods as it deflated.

Atlanta Thrashers

As a new franchise, the Thrashers unvield its first jersey with a 15-footer and had fans throughout Altanta sign it.